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Vehicle fleet

Modern vehicles: efficient and reliable

At Transportbedrijf Van Duijn, you are certain that your products will be transported by modern vehicles, powered by economical, environmentally friendly and efficient engines.

Track & Trace

Our trucks are equipped with all conceivable technology to ensure optimum transport. The Track & Trace systems can continually track the condition of the transport; and modern communications equipment allows our drivers to contact the planning department at any moment of the day – and vice versa.


Combination loads that must be stored under different temperature regimes are no problem whatsoever for Transportbedrijf Van Duijn. A large proportion of our trailers and trucks with tail lifts are equipped with dual evaporators. Reliable cooling systems ensure that the producer’s cold chain remains intact until the products arrive at the customer. To provide maximum certainty, the drivers check the temperature multiple times. When loading, this is done manually and when on the road by our automated temperature registration system in the trailer.

Maintenance and facilities

Our trucks are maintained by our own team of experienced mechanics in our hypermodern workshop that is PTI and CFC certified.
Furthermore, we have our own cleaning station and filling station, allowing our trucks to always depart clean and with a full tank of fuel.

A vehicle fleet that is ‘simply good’

With more than 140 vehicles and conditioned trailers available, we are more than sufficiently able to always be of service to you. Additional charters allow us to increase our capacity quickly and flexibly.