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Van Duijn Coldstore B.V.

We arrange not only conditioned transport but also offer a complete range of supplementary logistic services including storage and transhipment from our three establishments in De Lier, Hansweert and Bleiswijk.


As a professional partner in the logistics chain, we wanted to be able to offer more than just transport. Therefore, in 2001 we started with storage and transhipment in Hansweert. When Hansweert proved a success, the decision to extend this service was simply logical. The establishments in Bleiswijk and De Lier followed with the storage and transhipment of among other things fruit and vegetables. Van Duijn Coldstore B.V.: simply good!

Services Van Duijn Coldstore BV

Short- and long-term storage and transhipment

In Hansweert, we have modern freezer facilities and in De Lier and Bleiswijk, we have coldstore facilities for the safe storage and transhipment of all your chilled and frozen products. Our Coldstore employees ensure that your cargoes (varying from one box to a complete cargo) can be made ready for you at any desired moment.

Sealing, labelling and palletising

What are the advantages of the services offered by Van Duijn Coldstore B.V?
• Sealing reduces the chance of damage because the products cannot slide around.
• Labelling ensures optimum traceability of the goods in the entire chain.
• Palletising means not only that the products can be moved easier but that they can be stored at any desired location, and that they can be loaded and unloaded faster.

Complete document flow

It is important for our customers to be able to operate 24/7, therefore, the Van Duijn Coldstores have a customs authorisation for the local clearance procedure. This allows us to load and unload containers 24 hours a day, and, together with our partners, we have the entire logistics procedure in our own hands without the intervention of the customs authority. Highly efficient!

Van Duijn Coldstore B.V.: simply good!