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The best conditions for your products

When transporting meat, the main thing is to ensure that the best conditions are created for your products. We transport deep frozen, fresh and hanging meat daily. Every day, we arrange multiple return cargoes from the United Kingdom.

Good trucks and trailers is half the work

Optimum conditions start with our modern vehicle fleet. Our special meat trailers are fitted with tail lifts, dual evaporators and provisions for hanging meat.All of our trailers are equipped with a cooling system that meets all of today’s requirements. A complete temperature record ensures that we can continually monitor the conditions in the trailers. In addition, it is possible to create various compartments in a single trailer set at different temperatures.

Deliver a batch of hanging or frozen meat to Ireland or the United Kingdom?

Our drivers have specific knowledge of vulnerable products. Prior to and during the journeys, our dedicated employees constantly monitor the temperature in the trailer. As the haulier for large European abattoirs and traders, we are fully aware of what is involved in the transport of meat. To ensure our services are always of the highest quality, we work according to the latest HACCP standards.